New Medical Technology That Are Changing The World

new medical technology

Not long ago, people started wearing wristbands that recorded the quantity of steps they took, their heart rates and sleep cycles. But if the now-ubiquitous bands and accompanying apps that stored biorhythms started off as novelties, they paved the way in which for a fresh generation of gadgets which are …

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Infection Diseases

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease: Symptoms, Treatment and Consequenses

Lyme disease – is the most common transmissible disease in USA, caused by infection with the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi and is a multi – system disease. Lyme disease is transmitted to persons through tick bites, which are infected of the genus Ixodes.  Causes The reason of Lyme disease is bacteria called B. burgdorferi (Borrelia burgdorferi). These bacteria is carried …

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How To Treat A Sore Throat

How To Treat A Sore Throat Faster Natural Way

A sore throat is irritation,  itchiness and pain of the throat. The most common symptom is difficulty swallowing liquids and food. Also there can be dry throat, white patches on the tonsils, swollen glands in the neck and hoarseness.    Causes of a Sore Throat Bacterial Infection Disease of the respiratory mucous membrane is …

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5 Curious Anesthesia Awareness Stories

Anesthesia Awareness

Here are 5 curious anesthesia awareness stories, you have never heard about! Had an out-of-body experience in a nose job This patient awoke during her nose operation. She saw her body the way it lay upon the operating table, as though she was standing outside her body with the foot …

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General Medicine